Promoting Healthy Spiritual Awakening

What have I learned from 40 years of STE research? STEs are real. STEs have been reported for thousands of years, by persons of impeccable repute: in scriptures, in sacred texts, and by great saints and mystics of all faiths. STEs are happening to millions of people around the world. STEs happen to persons of all ages, of … Read more

STE After-Effects

Common After-Effects of Spiritually Transformative Experiences A long-term change happens after the awakening STE.  After their first or spiritual awakening STE, many Experiencers find themselves launched into a long-term process of transformation which affects their body, mind, and spirit.   After-effects may vary over time, but many after-effects continue for the rest of the Experiencer’s life. … Read more

Spiritual Emergencies

Spiritual Emergencies “Spiritual Emergency” refers to a crisis during one’s spiritual transformation.  Spiritual emergencies may happen after dramatic STEs and due to challenging unusual states of mind that may happen during a person’s spiritual awakening process (aka spiritual emergence).  The terms “spiritual emergence syndrome” and “spiritual emergency” were coined by California psychiatrist Stan Grof MD and … Read more

Inspired Creativity

Inspired Creativity Experiences​ Inspired Creativity is a powerful creative experience mixed with a mystical experience. Some STE Experiencers have powerful inspired creative experiences that are deeply intertwined with a mystical or paranormal element. Persons experiencing inspired creativity may produce remarkable amounts or demonstrate outstanding quality or even genius in any field, including original writings, poetry, musical … Read more

Other Death-Related STEs

Three main Types of Death-Related STEs 1. Deathbed Experiences Deathbed Experiences happen to people shortly before they die.  They are strong STEs that may occur several hours or even several days before a person passes away due to a terminal illness, old age, or even an unexpected accident. Deathbed Experiences a.k.a. “Deathbed Visions”, “Nearing-Death Awareness”, or … Read more

Psychic Or Intuitive Experiences

Types of Psychic or Intuitive Experiences Abstract intuition. Automatically knowing the answer to a problem without having to go through the logical steps of thinking and learning. Astral travel. Episodes in which the spirit (sometimes called the astral body, soul, or spirit personality) seems to leave the physical body and travel to another place, time, or dimension. Automatic … Read more

Kundalini or Spiritual Energy Awakenings

Features of Kundalini Awakenings / Spiritual Energy Awakenings Known in various traditions as kundalini awakening, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit awakening, holy wind, Dumo fire, Shakti, chi activation, Holy Spirit quickening and other terms. Classical signs include; Energy Rushes. Sensations of energy, heat, and/or light that rise up the spine or rush up through the body towards … Read more

Near-Death Experiences

NDE image - Person standing in the clouds in dark blue sky, looking into tunnel of light

The term “Near-Death Experience”, (NDE), was first coined in 1975 by American psychiatrist Dr. Raymond Moody, M.D., to describe a phenomenon he documented in his ground-breaking book, Life After Life.  However, NDEs have been described in many cultures for centuries. Definition of a Near-Death Experience (per Dr. Yvonne Kason 2019) An out-of-body and/or white light, mystical … Read more

Mystical Experiences

Features of Mystical Experiences Mystical Experiences are the most powerfully elevating and impactful type of STE. Noted psychologist and philosopher Dr. William James identified the following four main characteristics of mystical experiences: Ineffability. Mystical experiences are powerful states of feeling that are beyond words. It is impossible for an Experiencer to verbally convey their importance, grandeur, … Read more