Inspired Creativity

Inspired Creativity Experiences​

Inspired Creativity is a powerful creative experience mixed with a mystical experience. Some STE Experiencers have powerful inspired creative experiences that are deeply intertwined with a mystical or paranormal element. Persons experiencing inspired creativity may produce remarkable amounts or demonstrate outstanding quality or even genius in any field, including original writings, poetry, musical compositions, art, philosophy, or the sciences.  They often feel their inspiration is coming from a higher source, Divine inspiration.

Some develop new creative gifts. Inspired Creativity Experiencers may produce outstanding works in their particular field of expertise, but others find themselves spontaneously develop gifts or abilities in areas that they had no talent or experience. Inspired creative gifts often go far beyond the Experiencer’s education or training.  For example, a previously unartistic scientist with an Inspired Creativity STE may suddenly developing a new and outstanding artistic gift. 

Several great mystics had inspired creativity. The relationship between inspired creativity and mystical STEs can be seen in the lives of several great mystics.  Two examples of renowned mystics who demonstrated profound inspired creativity are Hildegard of Bingen and Paramahansa Yogananda.

  • Hildegard of Bingen, the 11th century Christian nun and mystic, wrote several inspired books, discovered herbal remedies, painted original art depicting her mystical visions, wrote poetry, and composed songs and music, all far beyond her education and training.
  • Paramahansa Yogananda, Yogic saint and mystic known as the “Father of Yoga in the West”, has seventeen published books of his writings and teachings, presented a huge number of live inspired talks, and wrote an innovative lessons series teaching Yogic philosophy and Kriya Yoga meditation techniques to students worldwide. His books included his famous Autobiography of a Yogi, inspired interpretations and commentaries on the New Testament of the Bible and the Bagavad Gita, as well as books of inspired poetry, inspirational writings, and inspired songs and chants.

Some creative geniuses also had mystical experiences.  The relationship between inspired creativity and mystical STEs is also seen in the lives of some renowned geniuses. Some persons famous for their outstanding creative genius, have also had mystical experience STEs.  Examples include: Johannes Brahms, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein.

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Touched by the Light:

Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences

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