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Soul Lessons from the Light:

How Spiritually Transformative Experiences Changed My Life

December 2022, iUniverse, Bloomington, IN, USA

By Yvonne Kason, M.D.

Dr. Yvonne Kason is one of a rare breed, a medical doctor who had multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs), including 5 Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).  In Soul Lessons from the Light, Dr. Kason intimately shares her fascinating and inspiring stories and lessons learned in her own spiritual awakening journey. From a Kundalini Awakening in medical school, to a plane-crash NDE as a young doctor, to a mystical experience that propelled her to come out of the closet and specialize her medical practice in Spiritually Transformative Experiences, to powerful mystical experiences in Israel that changed her life.

Dr. Kason shares the moving story of her miraculous brain-healing STE, and the 2019 STE that inspired her to found Spiritual Awakenings International®. She introduces the beautiful “Purifying the Heart” model, to understand the stages that spiritual seekers move through.

As you read, you’ll learn how:

  • We are in a global spiritual awakening happening right now.
  • NDEs prove that our souls live on after the death of the body.
  • Spiritually Transformative Experiences reveal that a Higher Power exists.
  • Miracles happen! With God, all things are possible!

Join Dr. Kason as she shares fascinating insights gleaned from her repeated journeys to the other side and into Heaven.

Soul Lessons from the Light is an inspirational must-read for spiritual seekers everywhere.

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Praise From Readers

“’Soul Lessons from the Light” by Dr. Yvonne Kason is truly remarkable. Having undergone five Near-Death Experiences and several additional “Spiritually Transformative Experiences” the author is one of the world’s foremost experts in the realm of survival of consciousness and the afterlife. Dr. Kason takes the reader on a mystical journey into the mind of her genius and beyond our world into the divine. Her engaging writing style makes even the most esoteric of metaphysical experiences relatable to the reader. This must-read book not only describes Spiritually Transformative Experiences, reading it is a Spiritually Transformative Experience.”

Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer®

Author of The Afterlife Frequency, Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go.

“Dr. Yvonne Kason contributes tremendously to the understanding of spiritually transformative experiences in this beautiful and highly personal book. Her own experiences are remarkable and provide a great roadmap for others to understand their own spiritual experiences. Dr. Kason is a consummate researcher with an excellent academic background—and a deeply spiritual leader in this growing field. This book is extraordinary!”

Anne Archer Butcher, M.A.

Author of Five Blue Rings,
Board member, Spiritual Awakenings International.

“Yvonne Kason, a noted Canadian physician and a multiple near-death experiencer, has written one of the great spiritual autobiographies of our time in chronicling her journey from a childhood NDE to becoming a modern mystic and an illumined soul. Her story, which includes overcoming a twelve-year battle from a traumatic brain injury, is not only deeply inspirational and rivetingly dramatic, but contains profound soul-truths that also make her book a treasury of spiritual wisdom.”

Kenneth Ring, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Connecticut,
Co-Founder, International Association for Near-Death Studies,
Author of Lessons from the Light.

“In this remarkable and uplifting book, Yvonne Kason brings to bear her insights as a physician who has had five near-death experiences, each one different, but all pointing toward a consistent message of hope and love. Her account of her spiritual odyssey, and the miraculous healing of her brain after traumatic injury, are inspirational testimonies to the human spirit and to the Higher Power behind the universe.”

Bruce Greyson, M.D.

Carlson Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia,
Co-Founder, International Association for Near-Death Studies.

“Dr. Yvonne Kason takes us on the path of a modern day mystic. We witness the moments when the Divine absorbs her, releasing knowledge held in her of a vast and all loving Presence. We witness moments when her awareness expands allowing her to view a larger tapestry of life and her place in it. We observe the struggles such awareness provoke that temper the personality, heal old wounds and reconnect her to her Soul’s journey. She shares this walk of a mystic through the relationship revealed with her “Higher Power” from the times reported during these mystical encounters as a child, a young adult and as a professional and devotee. Dr. Kason’s ability to courageously share these experiences woven with the medical and psychological understandings of such states will not only give validity to others walking this path, but will help them to integrate these states into everyday life. …We thank you, Dr. Kason, for the bridge of understanding you have constructed. The march to wholeness is at hand!”

Jyoti Ma (Jeneane Prevatt, Ph.D.)

Spiritual Director, Center for Sacred Studies,
Founder, The Fountain for the Natural Order of Our Existence,
Author of An Angel Called My Name.

“Dr. Yvonne Kason presents an extraordinary account of her multiple near-death experiences, and other spiritually transformative experiences, which occurred throughout her life. It is rare to find such a rich and deep disclosure by a medical professional, allowing readers a glimpse into the private struggles and celebrated victories as Dr. Kason engaged her experiences head on.
This book is for those who have had a spiritual experience, and may have struggled to accept it into his or her life, but nevertheless found meaning and purpose from the experiences themselves. It is also for those who may have a friend or relative who has struggled with a near-death or similar experience, and in witnessing this struggle became curious about what it might be like to go through the experience … It may even be for those facing end-of-life challenges, who wish to gain comfort as she or he nears the earthly veil from which only a handful have returned.
… Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs, as coined by Dr. Kason) impact a person’s overall developmental process…Dr. Kason has provided us a view into a life influenced by many large and small STEs, each with its own impact. …I invite you to join Dr. Kason as she opens the door to her inner world and invites you to travel with her along her path….. She has helped many, and will continue to do so through her books, including “Soul Lessons From the Light”.”

Ryan Rominger, Ph.D.

Past-President, American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences,
Adjunct Research Faculty, Sofia University & California Institute of Integral Studies,
Associate University Research Chair, University of Phoenix, School of Advanced Studies, Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research.