Psychic STE After-Effects

Most STE Experiencers find themselves more open to psychic and intuitive experiences after their STE.  The type of psychic abilities that develop vary from person to person. This psychic development can be very surprising to persons who do not know about the inter-connectedness of diverse types of STEs.

Common Psychic STE After-Effects

  1. Clairsentience. One of the most common psychic STE after-effects is the development of clairsentience, the ability to sense other people’s emotions by feeling them as physical sensations in your own body. Also, the ability to intuitively “know” correct information about others: by touching a person; by touching an object that a person has touched; by looking at a person; and/or by looking at a photograph of a person.
  2. Clairvoyance. Starting to have recurrent clairvoyant visions is another common STE after-effect. This may be a new ability to see spirits of deceased persons, auras, astral visions, subtle-energy patterns, or to perceive illnesses within a body.
  3. Clairaudience. Many STE Experiencers develop clairaudience, often the ability to hear inner guidance from spirit guides. Some develop the ability to “hear” plant and animal spirits.
  4. Frequent Premonitions. Some STE Experiencers report more frequent premonitions about significant life events, following their STE.
  5. Frequent Synchronicities. Many STE Experiencers notice more frequent synchronicities, meaningful “coincidences”, after their STE. It may appear to the Experiencer as if invisible higher forces are guiding them through these meaningful coincidences: to exactly the location where they need to be; to meet the people that they need to meet; and/or to find the information that they are seeking.
  6. New Healing abilities. Many STE Experiencers find they develop new healing abilities after their STE. Sometimes this healing ability occurs through touch, by a laying on of hands. Other times the Experiencer’s energy field or aura seems to have a healing effect on those around them.
  7. New mediumship abilities. Many STE Experiencers report after their STE that they developed mediumship abilities, the ability to see and/or hear the spirits of departed individuals.
  8. Past-life memories spontaneously surface: STE Experiencers often begin to spontaneously remember some of their past lives. These memories are often stimulated by going to a physical location where it seems the Experiencer lived a past-life, or by meeting a person who the Experiencer “remembers” having known in a past-life.
  9. Higher guidance“Downloads”. Many STE Experiencers feel strong inner guidance following their STE. This guidance is perceived as higher guidance coming from spirit guides or spiritual teachers, and may be heard verbally, seen through visual symbols, felt as a strong feeling, or come upon the Experiencer as a strong wave of knowing.
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Touched by the Light:

Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences

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