STE After-Effects

Common After-Effects of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

A long-term change happens after the awakening STE.  After their first or spiritual awakening STE, many Experiencers find themselves launched into a long-term process of transformation which affects their body, mind, and spirit.   After-effects may vary over time, but many after-effects continue for the rest of the Experiencer’s life.

STE Experiencers may have the same type of STE again. Many Experiencers discover that with time they have repeated episodes of the same type of STE.  For example, a person who had a Near-Death Experience may have more NDEs afterwards.  Similarly a person with a psychic awakening usually finds that they begin to have repeated psychic experiences.

Many STE Experiencers become “Multiple STE Experiencers”, and start having many different types of STEs.  After their first STE, the “spiritual awakening”, people also find their consciousness more open to other types of STEs.  For example a Near-Death Experiencer or kundalini awakening experiencer may start to have psychic/intuitive experiences, inspired creativity, and/or mystical experiences. There appears to be an interconnectedness between receptivity to different types of STEs. 

STE Experiencers notice many types of after-effects.

STE after-effects may be physical, psychological, psychic, or spiritual in nature.  These after-effects seem to be signs or indicators that a long-term transformation process is happening.   STE after-effects are often most marked after: a mystical experience; a kundalini awakening; or a white-light mystical Near-Death Experience.

Common physical STE after-effect symptoms include: increased sensitives; metabolic changes; changes in sleep patterns with frequent middle of the night waking; electromagnetic sensitivity;…  Read More…

Common psychological STE after-effect symptoms include: abandoning former unhealthy habits; setting healthier boundaries with others; stronger sense of life purpose; new spiritual interests; … Challenging psychological STE after-effects may include: difficulties in relationships because the Experiencer’s values and attitudes have changed; fear of incorrectly being labeled as “crazy”…  Read More…

Common psychic STE after-effect symptoms include: development of new psychic abilities;  an increase in  previous psychic abilities;  past-life recall; ability to perceive higher guidance from spirit guides.   Read More…

Common spiritual STE after-effect symptoms include: conviction of an afterlife; conviction of the reality of the Higher Power; more tolerant and broader religious views; loss of fear of death; …. Read More…

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Touched by the Light:

Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences

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