Kundalini or Spiritual Energy Awakenings

Features of Kundalini Awakenings / Spiritual Energy Awakenings

Known in various traditions as kundalini awakening, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit awakening, holy wind, Dumo fire, Shakti, chi activation, Holy Spirit quickening and other terms. Classical signs include;

  1. Energy Rushes. Sensations of energy, heat, and/or light that rise up the spine or rush up through the body towards the head. The energy may feel like a rushing, flowing, trickling, exploding, jumping, vibrating, burning, piercing, or like an electrical current. The body may physically jerk and move with the energy rushes, or in other cases become locked and rigid.
  2. Light. Perceptions of inner light, radiating light, and/or a luminosity in the outer world; perceiving liquid light flowing up the spine into the brain; or the sensation of being engulfed or immersed in a brilliant white light.
  3. Sound. Perception of an inner sound: often likened to the rushing of wind, the distant roar of a waterfall, the rushing of wings. May also be humming, ringing of bells, the buzzing of bees, the chirping of crickets, rumbling of a motor, or “music of the spheres.”
  4. Experiences of paranormal consciousness. The above sensations are associated, ultimately, with a mystical experience, out-of-body or other psychic experience, or inspired creativity.
  5. Unusual sexual sensations. Sometimes a kundalini awakening is associated with unusual sensations of upward moving energy activity in the genital area, or unusual sensations of sexual arousal with a possible penile erection that is not associated with sexual stimulation; rarely spontaneous orgasms that seem to be directed inward and upward rather than outward.
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Touched by the Light:

Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences

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