Spiritual STE After-Effects

Spiritual after-effects are often the most life-transforming effects of a powerful STE. Many STE Experiencers’ spiritual views are profoundly changed by their STEs. Their new spiritual convictions are incredibly strong, because they are based on personal spiritual experience, the memory of which seems deeply etched into the soul of the Experiencer. Common Spiritual STE After-Effects … Read more

Psychic STE After-Effects

Most STE Experiencers find themselves more open to psychic and intuitive experiences after their STE.  The type of psychic abilities that develop vary from person to person. This psychic development can be very surprising to persons who do not know about the inter-connectedness of diverse types of STEs. Common Psychic STE After-Effects Clairsentience. One of the … Read more

Psychological STE After-Effects

Experiencers need time to psychologically integrate a powerful STE.  This integration process usually lasts years: as the Experiencer gradually deepens in their understanding about their STE and its after-effects; as they heal old psychological issues that have been exposed by the STE; and as they deepen in their new spiritual understandings. Many STE psychological after-effects begin … Read more

Physical STE After-Effects

Common Physical STE After-Effects Experiencers are often surprised to notice many physical symptoms occurring in their body in the weeks, months and years following a powerful STE.  It is recommended that Experiencers consult with a qualified health professional about any unusual physical symptoms they may be having, to rule out a physical cause.  If no … Read more